What I am Working on Now:

  • Mixing the new Ar-T EP “Show and Tell”
  • Mixing the new glam rock song from Gene Dante and The Future Starlets “Pigs in the Powder Room”
  • Audio post production for Frank Somma’s burning man sculpture submission video
  • Mastering more songs from Swedish house music artist Limerant
  • Recreating the John Bonham drum sound from “When the Levy Breaks”
  • Keeping my eye out for the next exciting artist to record and mix
  • Trying to grow my client base for Beach House Studios so that income is more stable
  • Writing more audio engineering tutorials for the Beach House Studios blog
  • Getting all my AU plugins compatible with the El Capitan OS, and wishing the process were smoother
  • Preparing for another New England winter and wishing I lived someplace warmer


Photo of John Eye
John Eye