Audio Recording & Production

  • We can engineer your song, ep, or album.  Let us help you reach your artistic goals with our years of recording experience and relaxed easygoing approach.  When it comes to your art, it is your vision that counts.
  • Need guidance in developing your signature sound, or know what you want but having trouble achieving the result you are looking for?  We will take the time to understand your influences and see your project from your perspective.


  • We can mix your recorded tracks here at Beach House Studios in our measured and treated RFZ control room. Songs, albums, or audio for film, we will give you the polish you are looking for.

Audio Restoration

  • For film, or archival collection, if you have audio that needs to be cleaned up, or an irreplaceable audio master that needs restored, de-clicked, or repaired contact us to discuss your project needs.  We have the Emmy Award winning  iZotope RX audio restoration software, as well as a suite of noise reduction and restoration tools from Waves.

Audio Post Production for Film

  • Once your editing is done and you have picture lock, have your editor export the audio and let us level that dialog, clean up the background noise, remove room reverb, and do the general audio restoration.  We will create and mix any sound effects you need to make the action jump from the screen.  Then we will mix your dialog with your score, effects,  and music that you have selected making sure that your dialog is always properly placed on top.   Contact us to discuss your project needs.

Audio Mastering

  • When you are finished tracking, let us put the final polish on your project so that it stands out in clarity and stands up in volume to your competition. We have years of experience, and take pride in the work that we do.
  • Our mastering studio has worked on many projects for individual artists, labels, recording-studio’s and producers from all over the world.  Let us make your recordings shine.
  • For detailed information on our process and pricing take a look at our Audio Mastering page and request a project quote.

Sound Design

  • Need audio effects or foley work done for your film, television show, theatre production, , live performance, art installation, video game, or software? You are at the right place.  We love manipulating audio into engaging effects to set the mood or tone of your project.  Contact us with your needs and let us provide you with a quote.

Voice Over

  • Audio description for accessibility purposes.
  • Animation character voices to bring your visuals to life.
  •  We have male and female voice talent to suit your project needs.
  • If you are a voice over talent and need your demo updated, or a new demo, let us record and edit it for you.

Video Production

  •  “Behind the scenes” video of you recording your album or song.  We have packages that will allow you to share your most creative moments with your fans.
  • Full production music video.  Our directors can help you form your concept, film it, edit it, and deliver it in whatever format you need.
  • Educational webcast production and editing.
  • Corporate product video demos or commercials.
  • Need underwater video footage?  We have an advanced certified scuba videographer on staff.