Audio Recording

Let John Eye and Beach House Studios help you reach your artistic goals with our years of audio recording experience and relaxed, easygoing approach.  If you have a song, or group of songs that you are looking to record, please request a quote and we will be happy to discuss your project with you.  When it comes to your art, it is your vision that counts, and we want to be sure that we align ourselves with the goals you have in mind.

Rates Provided on Request: Request a Quote

Standard Studio Time Blocks for Recording and Editing:

4 Hour BlockNick Sharpsky singing
6 Hour Block
8 Hour Block
10 Hour Block

If you have booked a block of time and the session runs longer, we will just pro-rate the time.

Sessions begin being charged at the time they were scheduled.  If you show up late, you will still be charged starting at the time scheduled.

Booking Deposit:

Sessions require a 50% non-refundable deposit.
Keith Martinelli playing a Yamaha recording custom drum kitCancellations within 48 hours of a scheduled session will require full payment of session.

Full payment is due at the beginning of each session without exception.

Accepted Payment Methods: Cash, Mastercard, Visa, Discover or PayPal.

Personal checks are accepted for deposits only.  Checks should be made out to “John Eye”.


Should I bring my own instruments?

It is best to bring the gear you are most comfortable with. If you are happy with the sound of your instrument, it will help us understand your desired tone and get it on tape.  This applies especially to guitars, stomp boxes, kick drum pedals, snare drums, and cymbals.  We have a few amps and guitars available at no extra charge for sonic experimentation if you are looking for something different. Take a look at what gear we have available on our Studio-Gear page.

Sheila Fiekowsky playing violinHow can I back up my sessions/files?

We strongly suggest buying your own external Firewire/USB 3.0 drive of 60 gigabytes or more. You will need a storage solution for your audio recording masters anyway.  Other possible back up options are flash drive or DVD-R backups, which I can provide for $20 each.

We recommend backing up your data in at least two locations. An external USB 3.0 drive and a flash drive or few DVD-R’s is a good way to do this.

We suggest the Lacie Rugged series for sturdiness, but use whatever drive you prefer. Keep in mind, hard drives crash, so keep duplicates!

Can my significant other/friends come along?

Guests are fine, but be aware that too much company can compromise the efficiency of the recording process. Please properly manage the expectations of your guests, as the recording studio process can appear tedious for an observer.

How long is a day?

The following activities are considered typical for a 10 hour audio recording block:

  • Load-in
  • Microphone and equipment setup
  • Tone selection
  • Level checks
  • 1 to 2 hours worth of lunch / dinner / sanity breaks
  • Data transfers between hard drives
  • Importing and organizing existing sessions
  • Exporting mix downs
  • Burning CD’s/DVD’s/thumb drives

If technical problems arise as they occasionally do, we either work later to make up the time, or discount the session.

How can I get my rough mixes?

Files are only released upon full payment of balance owed.