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Recording Trumpet: What Mic to Use

I recently had the pleasure of recording trumpet tracks at Beach House Studios with Chris Barrett on some Americana blues songs written by Phil Austin, and I decided to have a little mic shootout between the Neumann U87 and the Oktava MKL 2500. Read More

Mastering: Limerant – Interstellar

I just finished mastering a great track (Interstellar) for Swedish house producer Hampus Cannerfors (Limerant), and it was an incredibly fun project to work on. Read More

Gene Dante gives you ‘Whores’ for Christmas

Available today, Gene Dante and The Future Starlets release the first in a series of singles, “We Are All Whores.”

Read More

Escapement Audio Post Production with Kaylah Green


We are working on the audio post production for a new film “Escapement” by director Jae Williams.  Sound engineer/producer John Eye is mixing the dialog, score, sound effects, and doing the foley work for the project. Read More

Recording Rhythm Guitar with Erik Andersen

(Gene Dante & the Future Starlets)

Today we started recording the rhythm guitar tracks for the new Gene Dante record.  After attending all the drum sessions and the bass guitar sessions Erik Andersen finally got his chance to add to the mix. Read More

Recording Bass with Jim Collins

(Gene Dante & The Future Starlets)

We set up Jim Collins and his Ampeg amp on top of my Line 6 4×12 cabinet in the live room for some nice isolation. Read More