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Waves DigiGrid IOS Review – User Perspective

I have to admit I was really nervous purchasing the new Waves/DigiGrid interface, and the lack of a DigiGrid IOS review from an actual user really made me drag my feet on pulling the trigger. Running Beach House Studios, a small to mid-sized recording, mixing, and mastering studio in the metro Boston area, I found myself in the awkward position of needing to upgrade my OS to be compatible with software that was critical to my workflow. Read More

Recording Trumpet: What Mic to Use

I recently had the pleasure of recording trumpet tracks at Beach House Studios with Chris Barrett on some Americana blues songs written by Phil Austin, and I decided to have a little mic shootout between the Neumann U87 and the Oktava MKL 2500. Read More

EarPeace Earplug Review – Protect Your Ears

If you are a musician, or a mixing or mastering engineer, you know your ears and your hearing are precious to you.  EarPeace earplugs can help protect your hearing and preserve your career. Read More

GIK Acoustics Review (Easy Acoustic Treatment)

Anyone who has ever set up a home or project recording studio, or even a temporary on-location mix and recording solution knows the challenges that arise from the natural acoustics in untreated rooms.  Undesirable flutter echo, comb filtering, frequency nulls and boosts can wreak havoc on your tracking and mixing process. Read More

Radial J48 X-Amp Re-amping Pack Review

As a studio engineer speed and flexibility will always be your ally in keeping your clients happy.  Your job is to capture the artist’s greatest performance, their instrument’s purest tone, and keep their mind free of any technical details that would inhibit their focus. Read More