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Magic AB Review – Simple Referencing While Mixing

Most engineers are in the practice of referencing finished songs they know and love while working on new mixes in the studio.  This is often done prior to mixing in order to “tune” your ears to the room, but also during or near the end of the mix itself so that you can be sure that you are hitting your mark of clarity and dynamic energy. Read More

Logic Pro 1176 and LA2A Compressor Emulations

There are a lot of expensive plugin emulations that you can buy from Waves, UAD, or other plugin developers to recreate the classic sound of the beloved 1176, and LA2A compressor units. Read More

Waves CLA Vocals Review

As audio engineers we all have our favorite DAWs and our favorite plugins that we tend to use in every mix. Read More

iZotope RX Review

I recently began doing audio post production for film, and though my skills from engineering and producing music translate over very well, this kind of work is a different beast all to itself.   Without certain tools you would find it near impossible to restore and use audio that was captured on location. Read More