EarPeace Earplug Review – Protect Your Ears

If you are a musician, or a mixing or mastering engineer, you know your ears and your hearing are precious to you.  EarPeace earplugs can help protect your hearing and preserve your career.

Like me, you may have used foam earplugs in the past, perhaps they didn’t fit right, or they blocked too much sound, or only attenuated the high end frequencies, or you just never had them handy when you needed them.  Once, I even had custom ear molds taken and a very high end pair of earplugs made to protect my ears.  After a few months I lost one of the plugs, and it was just too expensive to have it replaced.  EarPeace earplugs seem to have solved all these issues with a simple inexpensive design ($24.95 USD). They supply one extra earplug for a total of three per set, and a great little case so you can keep them on your key chain, handy whenever you need them.

As a mix and mastering engineer my hearing is critical to my work, but I’m still a normal guy, who owns a house, has to mow the lawn, and do yard work with some tools that make high levels of noise.  If I go out to a club to see a prospective client perform, or even do some pre-production work with a band I am producing while they rehearse, without hearing protection I am putting my career in jeopardy.

Earpeace Earplugs in a red caseThe Ear Peace earplugs fit well. They have different attenuation cores that you can choose from (SNR 17, 20 and 26), are easy to put in, take out, and just work. They attenuate volume levels fairly evenly across the entire frequency range so you don’t end up feeling like someone just put a low pass filter on your head at 200hz.  With these earplugs you can still hear enough of the full range of frequency to have perhaps not an ideal, but very functional conversation while a lawnmower is running, or a band is playing.

If you work as a recording, mixing or mastering engineer, or are a musician in a band I strongly suggest you protect your ears whenever you are around loud sources of noise.  EarPeace earplugs make this possible, affordable and convenient.  I don’t go anywhere without them.