Mastering: Limerant – Interstellar

I just finished mastering a great track (Interstellar) for Swedish house producer Hampus Cannerfors (Limerant), and it was an incredibly fun project to work on.  His track is epic to say the least.  Listening to it during the mastering process was entrancing.  The song is so much more than your typical “four on the floor” house music.  It takes you on a complete journey from soothing and dreamy ambient sections that build all the way up into giant pulsing beat driven groove-and-swing plateaus.

There were two things that struck me about Interstellar that really make it stand out from a lot of other house music. The massive dynamic range that Hampus is employing in his arrangement, and the swing that he came up with for his beat and primary groove.  These two elements show a willingness to explore and experiment far outside the standard vision of many other artists in the same genre.  When I close my eyes listening to this track, I can almost see myself speeding through galaxies with suns, planets, and moons flying by, color and light spilling from the event horizon and spreading through infinite space.  This song needs to be in the soundtrack of a movie.

I look forward to hearing more new music from Limerant.

Check out the song:

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Hampus had some kind words to say about working with Beach House Studios on his music:

“I had been working on this track of mine for almost a year and had gone through a few mastering engineers before I came across Beach House Studios, and browsing through the portfolio got my attention. I contacted John Eye and we started talking about how to best approach this mastering project. I truly felt that my wishes and demands were always in focus. Being promised that he would work on it until I was satisfied convinced me even more. Although I told him that there was no deadline, he quickly sent me three whole previews to listen to and I could not have been happier with the outcome. All throughout a great experience between two musicians, and I can recommend mastering your track at Beach House Studios if you are looking to get great customer service, and great end results.”

-Hampus Cannerfors (Limerant)

If you have a song or album that needs professional mastering send me a message with your project details to get a quote.