Waves CLA Vocals Review

As audio engineers we all have our favorite DAWs and our favorite plugins that we tend to use in every mix. Read More

Artist Development – The Step That Labels Forgot

The music industry today is in the craziest state that I (John Eye) have seen in my entire career as an artist and engineer. Read More

ASCAP Bill of Rights for Songwriters and Composers

Every day musicians, songwriters, and composers are losing their ability to make a living from their craft, and you would think that with all of the talk of the importance of “job creation” the impact of a “shrinking middle class”, and the general need to bolster the US economy that representatives in Washington DC would express some interest in protecting the jobs, income, livelihoods, and intellectual property rights of songwriters and composers. Read More

Mixing Sound for Film – Audio Post Production, An Overview

So you’re going to mix sound for film for the first time. You have been an audio engineer for a while.  You have spent the years building up your skills, and you love movies!  You think to yourself  “mixing sound for film seems like a perfect fit”.  If those previous statements are true, then it probably is a perfect fit, but there are a few differences between audio post production for film and mixing a record for commercial release. Read More

iZotope RX Review

I recently began doing audio post production for film, and though my skills from engineering and producing music translate over very well, this kind of work is a different beast all to itself.   Without certain tools you would find it near impossible to restore and use audio that was captured on location. Read More

Gene Dante gives you ‘Whores’ for Christmas

Available today, Gene Dante and The Future Starlets release the first in a series of singles, “We Are All Whores.”

Read More

Radial J48 X-Amp Re-amping Pack Review

As a studio engineer speed and flexibility will always be your ally in keeping your clients happy.  Your job is to capture the artist’s greatest performance, their instrument’s purest tone, and keep their mind free of any technical details that would inhibit their focus. Read More

Escapement Audio Post Production with Kaylah Green


We are working on the audio post production for a new film “Escapement” by director Jae Williams.  Sound engineer/producer John Eye is mixing the dialog, score, sound effects, and doing the foley work for the project. Read More

Recording Rhythm Guitar with Erik Andersen

(Gene Dante & the Future Starlets)

Today we started recording the rhythm guitar tracks for the new Gene Dante record.  After attending all the drum sessions and the bass guitar sessions Erik Andersen finally got his chance to add to the mix. Read More

Recording Bass with Jim Collins

(Gene Dante & The Future Starlets)

We set up Jim Collins and his Ampeg amp on top of my Line 6 4×12 cabinet in the live room for some nice isolation. Read More